Drive Through Windows

Drive through windows have been around since the late 1920’s.

Automatic Door Repair New England - Drive Through Windows

Automatic Door Repair New England – Drive Through Windows Installation and Serice

These days they are everywhere and have a wide range of sizes and styles depending on the business they are being used in.

You can find them at fast food restaurants or small stands that have drive through only service. Some of the different types are:

  • Single Panel Slider for quick face-to-face service.
  • Double Panel Slider to work out of either side.
  • Large Service Double Panel Slider for party trays, groceries, pizza, etc…
  • Bi-parting Sliding Window for high visibility and convenience.
  • Bump out Windows for full, panoramic view of cars and around 4 feet of counter space.

Many of the drive through windows have special air and heat systems called an air curtain.  This keeps most of the heat or cold from invading the temperature controlled restaurant when the window has to be open and shut constantly.

Drive through windows offer convenience and keep you going during your busy day.

They are a lot of things these windows are used for that we take for granted now.  The drive through windows are also used as walk-up windows in different places.

They may be used for:

  • Banking services.
  • Coffee shops.
  • Grocery Stores.
  • Fast food restaurants.
  • Liquor stores.
  • Pharmacies.

We will work with you so you get the most efficient and useful window you need for the size and type of your business.

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