Sliding Doors

Sliding doors offer a number of different options including a quick, safe and suitable way of moving traffic in and out of your facility

Automatic Surface Sliding Bi-Parting Door

Automatic Surface Sliding Bi-Parting Door

Sliding Door Systems

Sliding door systems are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

We offer a wide product line that is unparalleled in the industry.

The choices available to meet your specific needs include:

  • 7- to 16-foot unit widths (Custom Widths Available)
  • 2- , 3-, or 4-panel designs
  • Single, bi-parting, or telescoping
  • Surface mount sliding doors in all configurations.
  • Narrow, Medium, and Wide stile configurations.
  • Choice of all-glass Elegant design

Frames come in different designs with different panel styles.

There are many finishes so you can seamlessly integrate the sliding doors into your application.

Customized versions can be created with a variety of materials:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Bronze
  • Painted Finishes
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Chrome
  • Powder Coat

Glass types are just as varied. Options include clear, frosted, smoked, black and everything in between.

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